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Getting Started (Beginner's Guide)

Endless Ranger Awakening offers three methods to access the game. The first option is to register and log in using a username and password through WEB1 technology. The second option is to log in with your Gmail account, which utilizes Web 2 technology. The third and newest method is to log in by connecting your wallet using the Connect Wallet system, made possible by Web 3 technology. To participate in paid battles in the BRN Arenas and receive rewards in the USDT rankings, you must log in using the Connect Wallet system. Please note that you will need a wallet to access the game using these methods. Our game supports all types of wallets, allowing you to create a wallet at any time and enter the game in a decentralized manner by selecting the Binance Smart Chain network from your wallet.

Once logged in, you will be directed to the character selection screen, where you can choose from 6 different characters. Each character has 5 Inventories, each providing unique powers that give you an advantage against your opponents and increase your chances of winning battles. You can also enhance the Inventories you use with our alchemy system, giving you a significant edge against opponents who have the same Inventory.

Our game is designed to help you improve your skills and generate additional income streams. You can complete daily, weekly, and monthly missions, compete in arenas, socialize in the main area, and enjoy the Metaverse according to your preferences.