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Future Development and Updates

The BRN Metaverse universe has always been designed with development in mind, and our team is committed to ensuring that players remain engaged and interested in the game. Although initial events may enchant players, we recognize the importance of adding new and innovative events and tournaments to keep the game fresh and exciting. We will regularly measure the popularity of events and tournaments, and use this feedback to add new, similar events to the game. Our team is dedicated to keeping the game alive with regular updates, and players can look forward to exciting new features and events on a regular basis.

Future Plans

We have established a dedicated team to update the game and introduce new innovations. Our team's sole purpose is to listen to player feedback, keep statistics on popular events, and continuously improve the game. In the future, we plan to expand to other universes from the BRN Metaverse, and we are exploring the possibilities of integrating "Wearable Technology" supported by Artificial Intelligence into our ecosystem planning.

Initially, our universe will be available on iOS and Android, and we will partner with major gaming companies for Desktop support, making access more widespread. In the third step, we will release a new version supported by VR/AR, allowing players to feel like they are a part of real life rather than just a game. We plan to make this version available on all applications by opening up to every market so that all players can enter our universe.

BRN Metaverse supports current VR/AR technology, and we plan to create our own VR/AR technologies by forming a technology company. Each version will include its own updates. When the Desktop version arrives, players playing from Desktop will not be in the same universe as players playing from iOS and Android, ensuring fair competition. When the VR/XR version arrives, players can choose to play with VR/AR on their Desktops, or enter normally as our infrastructure has been created with this in mind. We are committed to keeping the BRN Metaverse up to date and open to development.

Update Policy

We have created a regular update schedule to ensure that the BRN Metaverse always embraces innovative ideas for its universe. With each update, new areas and structures will be added to the game, such as new characters and ıtems, new event areas, ecosystems, and revenue models. We will share updates with players regularly on our official pages, and we welcome feedback about our events.