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Economy and Play-to-Earn Mechanism

At BRN Metaverse, our primary objective is to offer gamers an opportunity to turn their time into money. Our Meta universe is designed to provide both individual and community battles, where players can participate in diverse events, strengthen their characters, and generate income. Unlike other Metaverse projects, which reward players in tokens, GameFi rewards in BRN Metaverse universe are paid in USD to ensure continuity and optimize earnings.

Currency and Earning System

In the BRN Metaverse universe, you can earn money by spending time in the game. Each activity has a reward accumulation that provides monthly USD rewards. Unlike our competitors in the Metaverse space, we have developed a more permanent and non-deflationary system. BRN Metaverse always seeks to innovate and contribute to the ecosystem by providing USD rewards to players instead of BRN Token. To collect your rewards, simply connect your decentralized wallet (WEB3) when you enter the game or after completing events. The system will automatically collect your rewards.

Trade and Marketplace

BRN Metaverse offers players the chance to strengthen their characters and sell their acquired items in-game or on the website, using the items they have obtained in the game universe.

In the BRN Metaverse, players can take part in events to earn various rewards, which can then be exchanged for items. By participating in events, you can convert event tokens into ERA Tickets at the Actiswap NPC in the Main Arena. Once you have enough Tickets, you can exchange them for items. The game uses a Play to Win system instead of Pay to Win. Additionally, you can also obtain items by participating in in-game events that are available for purchase from the store.

It's worth mentioning that the objective of BRN Metaverse is to turn the time you spend in the game into income.

Real-World Value of Earnings

You have the option to convert the earnings you collect in the BRN Metaverse universe into real-world income using the WEB3 ecosystem. BRN Metaverse supports all WEB1, WEB2, and WEB3 ecosystems, while also promoting the development and progress of the WEB3 ecosystem. Players can enter the game with WEB3 or connect their wallets to WEB3 technology to receive their rewards later. The rewards you accumulate at the end of each activity are essentially like a savings account. You can convert the assets you've saved in your account into USD, which has real-world value.