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Community and Social Features

Team Building

In the Endless Ranger Awakening, you have the option to participate in both individual and team-based battles. You can either create your own team or join an existing one to take part in community events and earn rewards. The two primary team-based battles in the Clan Battle Arena and the Space Station Arena, where players work together with their team to defeat rival teams.


In the Endless Ranger Awakening, Clan battles are the most important community battles. You have the option to create your own clan or join an existing one to play the game with the community. To participate in the weekly Clan Battle Arena which takes place every Sunday at 6 pm UTC, you need to be a Clan owner or a member of an existing Clan. Since Clans work together as a community, they have a higher chance of achieving success in the game. Within the Clan, you can always chat with your community in a dedicated chat area and learn from them to adapt to the game faster.


In the Endless Ranger Awakening, the Party system is available, especially in events like Fight For BRN, BRN Arena, and Space Station. This system allows players to see their friends in their own team, monitor their health values, and communicate with them via voice and text. When you enter the 5vs5 Fight For BRN arena, your team will consist of yourself and 5 other members. The party system is developed to help you fight better and organize more effectively.