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Maximum Supply

228.000.000 BRN

Locked Supply

200,000,000 BRN View at Bscscan

Total Supply

29.000.000 BRN


The BRN token does not have the ability to produce new tokens, as the Mint function has been turned off. The project aims to periodically reduce the Maximum and total supply by burning tokens at certain intervals. This strategy of reducing the token supply aims to increase the token's value, as a scarce asset is often more valuable. BRN continues to regularly burn tokens in order to become more valuable.


A portion of the tokens are earmarked for marketing activities to strengthen our community and to revitalize our existing community.


Since the project's inception, the tokens allocated to the board of directors have been locked and have not been released to the market. These tokens will be unlocked when building a transparent and long-term ecosystem, and will then be locked again.

Play to Earn

Tokens are allocated to be buried in pools in order to develop the BRN Metaverse ecosystem and our Endless Rangers Awakening game.


Tokens are allocated to the pool of our Stake system, which is designed for BRN investors to earn passive income.


Tokens are allocated to create and manage our pools on decentralized exchanges (DEX) and centralized exchanges (CEX).