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BRN Metaverse at WEB3

BRN Metaverse is an advanced platform that incorporates the latest advancements in Web 3.0 technology to offer users a seamless and user-friendly experience. It provides a wide range of services, including presale, staking, and gaming, all easily accessible through the user-friendly interface of BRN Metaverse. One of the platform's key features is its strong focus on security, ensuring the continuous protection of users' personal information and assets. With BRN Metaverse, you can have confidence in the security and safety of your transactions, allowing you to fully leverage the benefits of blockchain technology without any concerns. Additionally, the platform is continuously evolving by regularly introducing new features and innovations to enhance the user experience and provide even more value to our community.


Our project stands out by pre-selling in Web3 technology through our dapp, rather than relying on pre-installed interfaces for our pre-sale. This straightforward structure, revolving around the receiver and the pool, saves time and provides a more secure opportunity. We have returned to Blockchain's organizational structure without the need for third-party involvement. In traditional banking or the Web 2 system, purchases require the involvement of the Receiver, Pool, and approving units. However, our technology simplifies this process by enabling quick and secure transactions directly as a Buyer-Pool, without the need for an approving unit.


BRN Metaverse has developed its staking system to provide its investors with passive income. We have built our own staking platform using Web 3.0 technology. You can stake on our website in our staking system access area and have complete control over this structure. The stakes are determined by the lock mechanism, which is locked by day and amount. When the time is up, our shooting button becomes active. In the future, we will extend our staking opportunity to cover other projects as well. We will make it easy for everyone to use this system, which offers investors four different token lock periods and corresponding revenue.

TypeLock Period(days)Gain (%)

Inventory Marketplace

We are planning to create a marketplace on our website to make it easier for players to sell their in-game inventories and to provide more options for purchasing products from our store.

In this marketplace, we will offer all the products available in the game store for sale using cryptocurrency. Initially, we will accept payments in BRN, Bitcoin, and ETH. As our partnership network grows, we will also be able to accept payments from other projects that we merge with. Our players will have the option to trade their in-game inventories or list them on the website for sale using cryptocurrency.

ERA-Endless Ranger Awakening

Endless Ranger Awakening game is an exceptional multiplayer MMO RPG game, developed by BRN Metaverse Software Corporation , that integrates cutting-edge Metaverse, WEB3, GameFi and artificial intelligence technologies. Starting its production in the second quarter of 2022, Endless Ranger Awakening is constantly evolving and becoming an unbeatable structure for players. Our game, created on the Binance Smart Chain network, has a unique infrastructure, with high graphics and revenue models for players, that sets it apart from its competitors among Metaverse. The game offers 6 characters, each with different features, that you can choose from. Depending on the character you choose, you can determine your battle strategies and strengthen your character by fighting in BRN Arenas, Event Arenas, or Boss Arenas, and you can also earn high revenues within the game.