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Legal Warning

The purpose of this whitepaper is to provide information to potential token holders so that they can make informed decisions regarding the BRN Token project. It is highly recommended that all prospective token holders carefully study this whitepaper before deciding to participate in the project, in order to avoid potential future problems or disputes. Please make sure you understand and agree to the following conditions:

a) This Whitepaper is not an investment advertisement or inducement, nor is it a binding offer. Its sole purpose is to provide information to potential token holders.

b) BRN Token provides utility tokens, which will entitle holders to exclusive rights to services or features built with the BRN Token project.

c) Utility tokens are not investment tokens and do not function as securities. As such, token holders are not entitled to dividends like shareholders or other securities investors.

d) BRN Token is built on the Binace Smart Chain (BSC) Blockchain, which is a very safe blockchain, but still subject to possible system disruption. Any disruption to the BSC blockchain could potentially impact the BRN Token project. However, BRN Token is not responsible for any project failures caused by blockchain disruptions.

e) Rules governing digital assets and cryptocurrencies vary by country, and some countries do not yet regulate digital assets at all. Local regulations can impact token holders. BRN Token is not responsible for any legal issues that arise in the country where the token holder is located.

f) Legal regulations can also impact the development of the BRN Token project. Project failures caused by legally binding regulations are not the responsibility of BRN Token.

g) Token ownership is not the same as account ownership, and tokens cannot be cashed in by the owner.

h) Utility tokens can be traded by their holders, and fluctuations in token prices can be influenced by various factors, such as demand or consumer behavior in different countries. BRN Token is not responsible for any losses incurred by token holders due to token trading.

i) This whitepaper is presented in BRN Token, but can be presented in other languages if necessary. However, BRN Token is not responsible for the accuracy of information or translations in other languages. If there are any discrepancies between the BRN Token version of the whitepaper and other language versions, it is not the responsibility of BRN Token.

j) The information presented in this whitepaper has not been verified or certified by any authorities. Therefore, this whitepaper should not be used as evidence in any future legal proceedings.